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Frequently Asked Questions

- Why should I separate waste if all containers are being emptied into one garbage truck?

With this type of site, mixing waste is impossible! The two containers are different types (yellow for paper, plastic and metal packages and green for glass) and different garbage vehicles can service them.

The sites with three containers (yellow- for plastic and metal packages, blue- for paper and green- for glass packages) are being serviced according to a preliminary drawn up schedule. In this case, mixing waste is also impossible.

- Do we need to read the instructions written on the colour containers?

Yes- in order to be sure that you have put your packages in the right container. Besides, on the label of each container, you will find more information about the wastes which might impede the recycling of the packages and should therefore not be put in it.

The openings of the containers are not properly made and I cannot put my window glass in?

The separate waste collection containers are for PACKAGING ONLY and their openings are in conformity with their functions. Window glass is not packaging waste. That is why it should not be thrown in the green container!

- What will happen if I do not separate waste?

You might need to pay a fine. According to the law, everyone is obliged to separate his waste.