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Separate Waste Collection

What does recycling mean?

To recycle means to use again materials in order to make something else out of them. Through recycling we can turn old things into something new, domestic waste into different products, which we buy and use all the time. Many things which we consider waste might be processed and thus re-used: plastic bottles, newspapers, cardboard boxes, cans, jars, bottles, and many others.

 What does separate waste collection mean?

In order to be recycled, the paper, glass, metal, plastic packages need to be collected in separate bins, instead of landfilled. Reducing waste means lower costs for waste disposal. That is why, municipalities and packaging recovery organizations, including Bulecopack, develop and implement waste management programmes. Despite these efforts, without the participation of everybody in the process, the system shall never work properly.

We all need to change our habits and the way we used to dispose of waste throughout the years. Only when we all participate and work together, shall the separate collection of waste be effective. The process depends on us and the efforts that we make.

Therefore, if you still do not separate waste, start to do it. Do only things which contribute to preserving the environment and reducing waste. Thus those little efforts shall directly and immediately effect the environment.


3. Separate waste collection models

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