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Sorting Systems

The packages collected from the separate waste collection systems are being transported to domestic waste sorting systems. The purpose of sorting waste is to separate the materials which shall be recycled from the rest and to sort the different subgroups of materials. For example, there more than 20 types of plastics and their pre-sorting by the people is almost impossible. That is why, all plastic packages are being collected in the yellow container and after that- sorted to subgroup in order to be processed by recyclers. It is the same with the other types of waste materials (glass, metal and paper).

Bulecopack possesses its own domestic waste sorting system. It is located in the town of Shumen. Its capacity is 18 tons per day – enough to process the separately collected waste from the Municipalities of Shumen, Kaspichan, Novi Pazar, Kaolinovo, Loznitsa, Hitrino and Venets where Bulecopack has allocated its containers.

The packages collected from the Municipality of Sofia (Districts of Mladost, Iskar and Novi Iskar), Elin Pelin and Gorna Malina are being transported to licensed sorting systems operating on the territory of Municipality of Sofia.