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What means separate collection of packaging waste?

In order to be recycled, the recyclable packaging waste should be separated from the non-recyclables. The most effective way to separate is to separate when the packaging becomes waste, that means after the use of the products. This is called separation at the source.

The separation at source prevents soiling the recyclable materials and allows their implementation in the production of various products with better quality.


What is a separate waste collection system?

The system for separate waste collection consists of:

- containers for separate waste collection;

- vehicles that service the containers;

- waste treatment installations.


The containers for separate waste collection, that are settled and serviced by Bulecopack, are two types- “top-opening” type with volume 1100 litre and “Igloo” with volume from 1100 to 2500 litre.

In most municipalities there is a two-color system which consists of yellow container for paper, plastic and metal packaging waste and a green container for glass packaging waste.

Only in Samokov and Dola Banya the system is three-color, where the paper and cardboard packaging waste is disposed of in the blue container.


Separate waste collection containers are serviced by specialized vehicles. The waste is then transported to sites for further treatment.


On the treatment sites the waste passes through the following operations:

1. Sorting.