Welcome to Bulecopack

Bulecopack Jsc. receives its Permit to operate as a packaging recovery organization on 20 November 2004. Since then, it is the only packaging recovery organization which each year proves the attainment of the targets of its members to the Minister of environment and wasters.


  • Organizes and manages the activities of separate waste collection, transportation, sorting, recycling and recovery of packaging waste;
  • Realizes information and educational campaigns aiming to stimulate the public to participate in the process of separate collection of waste;
  • Prepares and realizes educational programmes for kindergartens and schools, aiming to stimulate the children to participate in the process of separate collection of waste.

For the transportation, sorting and recycling of waste, Bulecopack works with trustworthy partners which are in the possession of all the permits and licenses required.


More than 1700 companies that sell packed goods, joined Bulecopack for collective fulfillment of their obligations for separate collection and recovery of packaging waste.

Separate waste collection

Organizing and after that building separate waste collection systems is one of the main responsibilities of the organization. We are trying to implement up-to-date adequate waste management which covers the whole packaging cycle- from placing packaging on the market to the recycling companies. Our purpose is to collect all packages in order to recycle them instead of landfill them.

Bulecopack manages the separate waste collection systems in more than 20 Municipalities in the country. Among them are: Municipality of Sofia, Municipality of Shumen, Municipality of Kaspichan, Municipality of Novi Pazar, Municipality of Samokov, Municipality of Sandanski and others. The systems cover more than 650 000 residents.