Welcome to Bulecopack

To its members Bulecopack Jsc. offers effective and advantageous attainment of the targets in compliance with the Waste Management Act and the Ordinance on packaging and packaging waste.

In order to attain the targets of its members, Bulecopack Jsc. manages the activities for separate collection, transportation, treatment and recycling of packaging waste. These activities are financed with the product fees paid by the members of the company. The product fee is defined according to the type and quantity of packaging that is placed on the market.

Bulecopack Jsc.  does not distribute profits. All our incomes are spent on the organization and management of the process of separate waste collection, transport, treatment and recycling of packaging waste, as well as on the realization of information campaigns aiming to stimulate the public to participate in the process of separate waste collection.

Bulecopack Jsc. operates as a Packaging recovery organization since 2004. Nowadays, about 2300 companies from different branches of industry are members of the company.

By becoming a member of Bulecopack Jsc., you will receive:

  • Honesty and reliability.
  • Competitive prices. Due to the excellent management of the working process, Bulecopack Jsc. will attain your targets for separate collection and recycling of packaging waste at optimal prices. For signing a contract we do not require a minimal fee.
  • Guarantee for attainment of the legally defined targets

Throughout the years, Bulecopack Jsc. proved to be a trustworthy partner both for its members and for its subcontractors- the recycling companies, accomplishing the activities of separate collection and pre-treatment of waste. For all these years, the organization proves its professionalism by successful attainment of the targets of its members.

  • A complex service

Bulecopack Jsc. aims to find solutions for its members for the generated wastes at their sites, including service at place, buying the generated packaging waste, hazardous waste disposal. This service is subject to additional negotiation.

  • Individual approach and advice

By becoming our member you will enjoy individual approach and advice in the sphere of packaging waste and you will be duly informed for any change in legislation that concerns your activity. Your employees will receive assistance with the monthly report preparation and submission, online reporting, etc.

  • Customer relationship management software

The Customer relationship management software enables each company, which is a member of Bulecopack Jsc., to declare independently - electronically, via Internet access - the monthly reports for packaging placed on the market and thus, the obligation to send the report in original, lapses. The software keeps records of all information and documents under the membership agreement with Bulecopack Jsc., reports in Excel format on the quantities declared to Bulecopack Jsc., accounting documents issued, as well as the payments made can be printed directly from the software. The use of the software is extremely simple and requires only internet connection and registration in the E-invoice system for receipt of accounting documents. 

  • Some of our partners are:

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